Dividends Distribution (Paying Agent)

The Securities Depository Center Company "Edaa" provides a Dividends distribution service for securities issuers listed in the Saudi Stock Exchange. Through this service, the "issuer"* authorizes Edaa to distribute the cash dividends to their shareholders through Tadawulaty.

Benefits of using the Dividends Distribution (Paying Agent):

  • Maintaining the confidentiality of shareholder registry information, and their dividends information.
  • Standardized procedures related to dividend distribution.
  • Calculating non-resident shareholders tax for the company “issuer”*, and deducting it from the net distributions.
  • Completing the entire distribution process for the listed companies “issuers” and obtaining accurate online reports via Tadawulaty.
  • Reducing costs on issuers.
  • Flexibility in providing the service and speedy distribution to shareholders..


Procedures and conditions for implementing the service:

  • Edaa implements the dividends distribution process within three working days, as follows:
    • First working day: Deposit of cash dividends into Edaa's bank account:
      • The issuer can transfer the total cash dividends to Edaa after the eligibility date, up to a maximum of twelve days.
    • Second working day: Edaa deposits the total dividends into the Custodian Members' accounts.
    • Third working day: Custodians distribute the dividends to investors' investment accounts.
  • Requesting the service through the Tadawulaty, at least one day before the eligibility date that specified by the “issuer”*.
  • Depositing the total cash dividends in the bank account of Edaa within a maximum of 12 days from the eligibility date.


Please refer to Dividends Distribution (Paying Agent) Service Frequently Asked Questions page.

For more information, please contact our Relationship Team on email: IR@edaa.sa

* Issuers: Listed companies, debit instruments, ETFs, and REITs.
** Terms and Conditions Apply.