Securities Borrowing and Lending

Securities Borrowing & Lending is a negotiated transaction facilitated by "Edaa" to enable the temporary transfer of securities between a lender and a borrower based on a free-of-payment basis. It’s also optionally available to link collateral transactions (cash or securities) for SBL. Under the SBL framework, the ownership of the listed securities lent are passed from the Lender to the Borrower which entitles the latter to attend GMs and have the right to vote as well as receive financial benefits associated with the on lent securities. However, Lenders can determine their rights in respect of voting rights, distributions, and corporate actions under the SBL agreemen.

Eligible Securities for Borrowing & Lending
  • All listed securities are eligible for SBL activities except for Tradable Rights. To view the Securities Borrowing and Lending Regulations and related procedures, please visit the Securities Borrowing and Lending Regulations page.

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