Tanmiah Food Co. Announces Appointment of a Board Member

2021-11-25 15:52:05

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Introduction Tanmiah Food Co. announces that the board of directors approved by circulation on 25/11/2021 the appointment of Mr. Ahmad Sharaf Osilan as an executive member of the Board of directors in the vacant seat for the current term of the Board, which ends in 18/04/2022, starting from 25/11/2021
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Appointed Member Name Ahmad Sharaf Osilan
Membership Type Executive
Membership Start Date 2021-11-25 Corresponding to 1443-04-20
Brief Resume of the Appointed Member Holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial management, minor in Management Information Systems and has long experience in the field of Investment and Entrepreneurship with about 20 years of experience and has held many leadership positions in both sectors government & private in the Kingdom.
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Date of Board Meeting in which Appointed New Member(s) were Appointed 2021-11-25 Corresponding to 1443-04-20
Board Approval Board Approval May not be Deemed Final, this Appointment Shall Be Put before the First General Assembly Meeting for Approval