Member Services

Edaa provides advanced post-trade services, building bridges between issuers and investors, and ensuring the safe, speedy and efficient operations of the Saudi capital market.

Transfer & Transaction Services

Change the ownership of shares via an automated process.

Repo Collateral Transfer

Arrange for repurchase agreements.

Securities Borrowing And Lending

Temporarily transfer securities between a lender and a borrower.

Transfer & Transaction Services

Change the ownership of shares via an automated process.

Tender Offer

Sell your shares to prospective buyers during a pre-determined time frame.

Foreign Securities

Transfer securities from Edaa to the foreign Central Securities Depository (CSD).


Settle securities’ transactions within two business days of a transaction execution date.

Securities Pledging

Borrow against your securities via Edaa’s automated risk reduction tool.

Employee Compliance Service

Employee Compliance Service

A service to monitor employees’ activities in the Saudi Exchange electronically through the Tadawulaty portal. This service is offered to CMI’s and Government Funds.

Independent Custody Service

Independent Custody Service

Our CMA-approved model for risk reduction while trading on the Saudi Stock Exchange.


A smartphone application with Edaa’s suite of services for investors and market participants.

One platform, multiple solutions:
  1. Transparent ownership and easy identity verification
  2. Enhanced communication between companies and their shareholders
  3. Convenient and direct reporting mechanisms


Our members benefit from state-of-the-art technology and innovative services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Borrowing securities is the temporary transfer of securities from its owner (lender) to an investor (borrower) with an obligation to return them back to their owner at a future agreed upon date. A borrower shall provide and maintain financial collateral as agreed with the lender that shall always be not less than 100% of the current market value of the borrowed securities. The value of the collateral provided may be amended at the discretion of the Capital Market Authority

Short selling is the action of selling borrowed securities, provided that the investor returns them to the lender within an agreed upon period.