CHUBB Arabia Cooperative Insurance Co. Announces Resignation and Appointment of a Board Member

2023-01-24 15:55:12

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Introduction Chubb Arabia Cooperative Insurance Company announces the approval of the Board of Directors to nominate Mr. Nikolay Dmitriev as a non-executive member of the Board of Directors. Mr. Nickolay Dimitriv is as a representative of Chubb INA International Holdings Limited and is replacing Mr. Serge Michel Osouf, who is retiring.
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Resigned Member Name Mr. Serge Michel Osouf
Membership Type Non- Executive
Resignation Submission Date 2022-11-30 Corresponding to 1444-05-06
Resignation Acceptance Date 2023-01-24 Corresponding to 1444-07-02
Resignation Effective Date 2023-01-24 Corresponding to 1444-07-02
Membership Starting Date for the Resigned Member 2021-07-24 Corresponding to 1442-12-14
Reasons of Resignation Due to retirement of Mr. Serge Michel Osouf. The Board of Directors expressed its appreciation to Mr. Osouf for his efforts.
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Appointed Member Name Nikolay Dimtriev
Membership Type Non- Executive
Membership Start Date 2023-01-24 Corresponding to 1444-07-02
Brief Resume of the Appointed Member Mr. Nikolay Dmitriev holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from MGIMO University Russia , and Master Degree in Business Administration from California State University Hayward USA. Mr. Dimitriv is the Regional Executive Officer of Chubb Europe Central Region.
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Date of Board Meeting in which Appointed New Member(s) were Appointed 2023-01-24 Corresponding to 1444-07-02
Board Approval Board Approval May not be Deemed Final, this Appointment Shall Be Put before the First General Assembly Meeting for Approval