A corrective announcement from the Future Care Trading Company regarding the appointment of two new members of the Board of Directors in the vacant positions

2023-01-24 16:01:14

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Date of Publishing the Previous Announcement Sought to be Corrected on Tadawul's Website 2023-01-19 Corresponding to 1444-06-26
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Incorrect statements in the previous announcement Future Care Commercial Company announces the approval of the Board of Directors to appoint: Mr. Ahmed Hassan Ali Naghi - New Board Member (Executive) And Mr. Ali Hashim Ali Fakih - new board member (independent) In the two vacant positions in the Council and completing the current session of the Council, which ends on 03/04/2026. The date of the Board of Directors meeting in which the member/s was appointed: 06/23/1444 AH corresponding to 01/16/2023
Correct Statement As the seats are new and not vacant positions, and the company will, during the coming period, announce the opening of the door for candidacy for membership of the current Board of Directors to fill the newly created seats that arose after the last amendment to the company’s Articles of Association and approved by the Extraordinary General Assembly on 06/12/1444 AH corresponding to 05 01/2023, which included the approval of amending Article (15) of the company’s bylaws related to the company’s management, so that the number of members of the Board of Directors becomes (5) members instead of (3) members. The results of the Extraordinary General Assembly work were published on 06/15/1444 AH corresponding to 01/08/2023