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Paying Agent

Edaa provides a dividends distribution service (“Paying Agent”) for issuers listed on the Saudi Exchange. Through this service, the issuer authorizes Edaa to distribute cash dividends to its shareholders through Tadawulaty.

Benefits include:

  • Ensuring confidentiality of shareholder registry information and dividends information.
  • Standardized procedures related to dividend distribution.
  • Calculation of non-resident shareholders tax, including deduction from net distributions.
  • Handling the entire distribution process for issuers and provide accurate online reports via Tadawulaty.
  • Flexibility and speed of distribution to shareholders.
  • Overall cost reduction.
  • Day 1: Cash dividends are deposited into Edaa's bank account
  • Day 2: Edaa deposits the total dividends into the Custodian Members' accounts
  • Day 3: Custodians distribute the dividends to investors' investment accounts
  • Investors registered in Tadawulaty will be notified of payments via SMS
  • Dividends Distribution

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this service is optional.

Yes, this service includes all payment distribution for all listed securities in the Saudi Capital Market

The investor will be notified through SMS, if the investor is registered in Tadawulaty.

It is the responsibility of the Authorized Person (AP) to distribute dividends to the clients’ bank accounts.

For more information, please contact our relationship team via email at IR@edaa.sa

Interested in this service?
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