Unlisted Issuers Services

Closed joint stock companies and Private Funds, otherwise referred to as unlisted companies and funds, are well represented in Saudi Arabia and play an important role in the Saudi economy. Unlisted companies and funds share a number of common practices with their listed counterparts. For example, unlisted companies and funds are required to maintain shareholder records, hold general assemblies, facilitate electronic voting, enable the transfer of ownership of shares and prepare shareholder register reports.

Edaa is able to provide unlisted companies and funds with registration services identical to the services used by listed companies and funds. 
These services enable unlisted companies and funds to: 

  •  keep accurate records of their shareholders
  •  facilitate deposits in investment portfolios
  •  access shareholder data through the Tadawulaty system
  •  comply with regulatory standards in Saudi Arabia 
  •  enhance the experience of shareholders in line with current legislation and regulations

Services for Closed Joint Stock Companies and Private Funds include:

  •  Electronic voting (e-voting)
  •  General Assembly 
  •  International code (ISIN code)
  •  Shareholders report
  •  Transfer of share ownership 
  •  Pledging of shares through brokerage firms
  •  Dividends distribution 
  •  Corporate Action (increasing or decreasing capital, mergers, acquisitions, etc.)


Services Description Fee Frequency
Registration Service Edaa registers and deposit the ownership of private fund/Closed Joint stock Company in its internal system, and reflecting the investors ownership on their personal investment accounts. 

Basic SAR 30,000

Premium SAR 50,000

General meeting Management Edaa offers a General Meeting Management Service, by validating the identity of eligible shareholders, printing of voting cards, vote collection and counting, results presentation, etc. which facilitates the decision-making process for issuers when their shareholders’ approval is required.

SAR 30,000 for Basic Package

SAR 20,000 for Premium Package. 

Per request
E-Voting Edaa’s e-Voting service allows shareholders to exercise their voting rights through “Tadawulaty” Portal, without attending the General Meeting (GM) in person. The service aims to increase shareholders’ participation in GMs and assists in attaining the minimum quorum levels required. SAR 20,000 for Basic Package and included in the premium package.  Per request
Corporate action Edaa carries out all necessary actions that been adjusted on the capital size in Edaa’s internal system, and reflect the changes for investors ownership in their investment accounts. SAR 10,000 for the Basic Package and included in the Premium Package. Per request
Ownership transfer Edaa facilitates sell/transfer securities between shareholders where by reflecting it into shareholder portfolio. Free Per request
Pledge transaction Edaa facilitates the process, where the borrower pledges the securities as a security against the debt which will be reflected in investor investment account. Free Per Transaction
Reports This service provides issuers with the convenience of obtaining their Share book Report online directly from their Tadawulaty account 2 Free Reports annually and SAR 1,000 for each additional report for Basic Package and included in Premium Package.  Per Report
Dividends distribution provides a Dividends distribution service for securities issuers. Through this service, the "issuer"* authorizes Edaa to distribute the cash dividends to their shareholders through Tadawulaty. 2BPS (0.0002) from the distributed amount with a minimum charge of 20,000 SAR and Maximum of 200,000 Per request

For more information, please contact the Issuer Relations Team via: ir@edaa.com.sa