The day-to-day administration of registrar operations and associated corporate actions.

Sharebook Management & Reporting

We offer a comprehensive suite of Sharebook Management services to securities traded on the Saudi Exchange. 

Edaa will provide thorough guidance through every step of the share registry process to ensure a simple and easy experience, and help companies develop their sharebook reports, a required component for many corporate actions. 

Companies who take advantage of this service can easily access their sharebook reports directly through their online Tadawulaty accounts.

Corporate Action

Corporate actions are usually agreed upon by a company’s Board of Directors and shareholders via a voting system. These decisions can affect cash dividends, cause capital increases or decreases, or affect rights, among other possible outcomes. While it’s important to get corporate actions right, they can be complex. Edaa provides:
  • Efficient processing of corporate actions.
  • Accurate and simple information to help you make informed decisions.
  • Realistic deadlines to maximize the amount of time available and standardize processes among all issuers.
  • Fast and automated reporting to reduce any burden or associated risks.

Depositing Certificate

Edaa offers a “Shares Certificates Search Service” that allows shareholders to inquire about their certificate’s ownership. If you own a certificate, you can deposit it by completing the below requirements:
  • Fill out the Certificate Deposit form
  • Provide a copy of your National ID
  • Authenticate all documents by the issuer or member
  • In the case of a power of attorney (PoA), provide a copy of a valid PoA deed and copy of the authorized person’s National ID.
  • Submit all required documents to Edaa at Head Office in Riyadh, through a brokerage firm of through the relevant joint stock company.

Ownership Control

An integral element of establishing Share Registrar Services is recording shareholder ownership levels and the associated control and oversight processes. Edaa facilitates this process by real-time monitoring and recording of the appropriate ownership limits as established in the Articles of Incorporation of the issuing company and in accordance with current laws and regulations.

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