Al Moammar Information Systems (MIS) announces the award of (Project Operation and Management of Electronic Services and Computers) with the Board of Grievances with a total value of 49,648,163.40 (including VAT)

2023-01-24 15:53:27

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Introduction Al Moammar Information Systems Company announces the award of (a project to operate and manage electronic services and computers) with the Board of Grievances, with a total value of 49,648,163.40 (including value-added tax)
Date of Award 2023-01-24 Corresponding to 1444-07-02
Project Value 49,648,163.40 Including VAT
Expected Date for Signing the Contract 2023-02-23 Corresponding to 1444-08-03
Project Details The project includes providing the highest levels of expertise and services, in order to ensure the sustainability and operation of electronic services and the computer, and to ensure the readiness and stability of the systems and the non-interruption of electronic services to the beneficiaries, by providing a highly qualified team in various fields at the headquarters of the Board of Grievances to provide advisory services and operational work maintenance and support. Where the Board of Grievances, represented by the General Department of Information Technology, aims to continue the work of systems, applications, devices and network infrastructure with high efficiency and to achieve business requirements as quickly as possible, for a period of three years (36) calendar months.
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