Keir International Co. Announces Calling Candidature for Board Members Elections

2022-09-21 16:20:52

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IntroductionKeir International announces to its valued shareholders that the door for candidacy for membership of the company’s Board of Directors is open for the next Board of Directors term, which begins on 04/08/1444 AH corresponding to 11/02/2022 AD and ends on 05/10/1447 AH corresponding to 01/11/2025 AD and for a period Three in accordance with the controls contained in the Companies Law issued by the Ministry of Commerce, the Corporate Governance Regulations, the registration and listing rules issued by the Capital Market Authority, and the relevant executive regulations Note that the cumulative voting method will be used to elect the members of the Board of Directors. The members will be elected during the next General Assembly meeting, the date of which will be announced at a later time
Type of AssemblyNew Session
Assembly Start Date2022-11-02 Corresponding to 1444-04-08
Assembly End Date2025-11-01 Corresponding to 1447-05-10
Number of members6
Application Start Date2022-09-21 Corresponding to 1444-02-25
Application End Date2022-10-21 Corresponding to 1444-03-25
Applications Submission MethodThe originals of the candidacy applications, their attachments and forms (after completing and signing all their data in Arabic and English languages) shall be sent to the secretariat of the Board of Directors of Keir International in one of the following ways: Attention: “Secretary of the Board of Directors, P.O. Box No. 13524, Riyadh 3744, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” or to the Secretary of the Board of Directors at the company’s headquarters) by hand, Al-Malqa district - Anas Bin Malik Road (during the official working hours of the company from eight in the morning until six in the evening. Copies of applications, with all attachments, can be sent to
Application RequirementsThe shareholders of the company who wish to nominate themselves or others within the limits of their ownership percentage of the membership of its board of directors are kindly requested to submit an application for candidacy to the secretariat of the board of directors of Care International at the address shown above from 25/03/1444 AH corresponding to 21/09/2022 AD until The deadline is no later than the end of 26/04/1444 AH corresponding to 10/21/2022 AD. The candidate must also fulfill the requirements for candidacy for membership of the Board of Directors contained in the relevant rules and regulations according to the following: 1- Curriculum Vitae No. (1) for the candidate, academic certificates, training, qualifications and experience in the company’s business field (attached) 2- Submit a signed copy of Form No. (3) for candidacy for membership of the Board of Directors (attached). The form can be obtained through the Authority’s website ( 3- A candidate who has previously served as a member of the board of directors of a joint stock company must submit a statement from the company’s management as follows: - The number of board meetings that took place during each year of the term and the number of meetings attended by the member in person, indicating the percentage of his attendance of the total meetings. - The permanent committees in which the member participated, the number of meetings held by each of those committees during each year of the session, the number of meetings he attended, and the ratio of his attendance to the total meetings. - Summary of the financial results achieved by the company during each year of the session with the number and date of his previous memberships in the boards of directors of joint stock companies and committees. 4- Attach a clear copy of a valid national identity card, a copy of the family record, and a copy of the passport for non-Saudis. 5- Complete the attached disclosure forms. Voting in the General Assembly for the new session of the Board is limited to candidates who meet the conditions, controls, and criteria set forth in this announcement. The Nominations and Remunerations Committee will consider the differentiation between candidates based on educational qualifications, practical experience, and familiarity with the company’s activity
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